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“Ramakrishna and Christ” Readers’ Comments

“This is an inspired work. Paul Hourihan’s ability to understand perfectly the mind of a saint is truly amazing. I hope this book can reach as many people as possible.”
– Fred Strohm, San Dimas, CA

“What a remarkable book!… Paul Hourihan’s reframing of Ramakrishna’s life as modeling the new understanding of the Feminine required to save the West, and the whole world really, from itself, was quite powerful. I loved how boldly he allowed his intuition free reign, and the treasures (with perhaps some fool’s gold mixed in) he uncovered. The blend of obvious respect for his two subjects, and the much-needed de-mythologizing, was perfect.”
– Randall Keller, Mt. Shasta, CA

“This is a wonderful book. Mr. Hourihan is deeply insightful, and expresses so eloquently his insights into this issue, which has long been of supreme importance to me.”
– Paravastha, Portland, OR

 “A masterfully written, scholarly work containing luminous insights and new interpretations of the lives and teachings of two great souls from very different cultural traditions…. Dr. Hourihan’s exploration of the necessity of Jesus’ crucifixion from an Eastern karmic perspective is the most convincing explanation I have ever read.”
– Bruce Hulbert, Redding, CA

 “In essence, Ramakrishna and Christ, The Supermystics applies a grace-filled salve to the mind, the heart, and the eyes to behold a larger Truth. It is recommended for the New Age meditator, contemplator in search of answers on existence, who/what God is … and for guidance on forming a more true and inspired spiritual perspective.”
– M. Freitag, Chaplain, Unity Church, Bellevue, WA