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Love and Meditation

By Paul Hourihan

Love and RomanceMany of us know from experience that the beauty and intensity of a love relationship when it’s in full flower will gradually fade away. We lose control of it subject to mysterious forces that seemed so absent at the beginning—forces that slowly undermine the splendor of what was there originally. How, then, can we maintain our love, which we want to preserve and protect more than anything else in the world?

Meditation will rejuvenate it and restore the grace that was there when the light of love rested on your life initially. The transforming power of meditation on your personality will enable you to recapture the quality that attracted the love in the first place—and more—for what you achieve, what comes by knowledge and development, is deeper and truer than what was given you for the brief season at the beginning.

Meditation will transform you—what must happen if your love is to be retained, renewed, and preserved. You may say, “… but I don’t want to be transformed—after all, it was me, as I am, that he or she loved in the first place; it was with this self, this personality that I loved as well. Why do you talk of changing that which served so successfully at the outset?” Because it wasn’t your ordinary self that experienced love—but that part of you in touch with your true Essence. The self that you are now is the egoistic, selfish, unripe personality that you were before the grace of love ascended on you and made you, for a while, into the ideal person you were with your beloved—the same process taking place with him or her as well.

Love transformed you during that all-too-brief period. Then, like all grace, it was withdrawn and it was left up to you to re-achieve the quality of grace on your own so that the revelation would become permanently established in you.

Through meditation and the way of life it engenders, we can connect to the source of love itself, which as the mystic discovers, is within our hearts. Meditation gives us the opportunity to perfect the wonderful thing we discovered long before to become once again mystics of love.


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