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Celebrating Thoreau’s 200 Birth Anniversary

Celebrating Thoreau’s 200 Birth Anniversary

To honor Henry David Thoreau, the great American writer and thinker of the 19th century, for his 200th birthday year, we will be sharing excerpts from Thoreau’s Quest: Mysticism in the Life and Writings

Buddha, Supreme Exemplar of Compassion


It was the first full moon day in May when Buddha was born, reached enlightenment and left his mortal body. We are honoring this supreme exemplar of compassion and service with the following tribute

The Greatest Democrat – Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman

March 26 is the 125th anniversary of the death of Walt Whitman, the great American poet of the 19th century. According to Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman was the greatest democrat the world had

Christmas – The Birth of a Divine Principle

Birth of a Jesus theSavior

CHRISTMAS—the birth of more than a man—a savior, a Divine Principle is embodied in the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the Soul… the Divine come to earth to show man what man is


Easter Lily with Cross

An Easter Essay by Paul Hourihan, edited by Anna Hourihan Truly I say to you, If a seed of grain does not go into the earth and come to an end, it is still a

Thoreau’s Quest: BE A COLUMBUS!

Henry David Thoreau Quest ebook

For the month of July we are honoring Henry David Thoreau, a great American writer, thinker, and mystic whose writings and life influenced such leaders as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Exactly 170 years

Ramakrishna and Christ eBook Now Available!

New eBook on Ramakrishna and Christ Now Available on! Ramakrishna and Christ, The Supermystics: New Interpretations by Paul Hourihan is available from as a Kindle eBook. Even if you don’t have a Kindle reader, you can download free