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Anna Hourihan Publisher & Editor

Anna Hourihan, Publisher & Editor

At Vedantic Shores Press, we publish books that can change lives—for those who are ready for change. Our written works by teacher and mystic, Paul Hourihan, are here to support and encourage you to better understand yourself and your true nature. As Socrates said, “Know yourself”—that is the foundation that will give you strength and peace of mind to handle and withstand life’s inner and outer adversities.

Therefore, during these challenging times of social, climatic and economic tumult and transition, our mission is to provide spiritual help against the tide of materialism that is corrupting and endangering the psyches of sensitive souls. Our inspired works provide an oasis of spiritual guidance to individuals struggling for permanent values in an ever-changing, secular society. These publications are in different genres (creative nonfiction, nonfiction books, and novels), and also include course lectures by Dr. Hourihan, which we will be making available on CD.

All of our eventual dozen titles taken together constitute a road map and a light for you if you are seeking knowledge of the Divine and your True Self. Their quality and force advance age-old truths that speak directly to the modern world. The books, in totality, are like another country―a Shangri-La of mysticism, a soul-retreat for the world-weary to enter in and find their lost identity. They open up another realm in a quite literal sense―your own as it is reflected back from a mirror mystically created in page after page, chapter after chapter, book after book.

Paul Hourihan is uniquely qualified to provide such works by virtue of his literary and experiential background.

Spiritual Award Winning BooksFour of our titles have received awards from the Northern California Publishers & Authors Association. Mysticism in American Literature: Thoreau’s Quest and Whitman’s Self, earned three awards including Bronze Book Award, Best General Nonfiction, and Best Spiritual Book Awards for 2004-2005.  Children of Immortal BlissRamakrishna and Christ, The Supermystics, and The Death of Thomas Merton, A Novel, received awards for Best Spiritual Book for 2008, 2002 and 2003 respectively.

In keeping with our goal to contribute to the protection of the environment and the responsible use of natural resources, Vedantic Shores Press has joined the Green Press Initiative. As a member, we have established policy goals for the next three years to increase the use of recycled paper and  eliminate the use of papers that may contain fiber from Endangered Forests. In accordance with our goals, our last print run of Children of Immortal Bliss was printed on 30% FSC recycled paper.

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Bookstores: U.S.A. and Canada
Our books are available from  New Leaf Distributing.
The following titles are also available from DeVorss & Company (800-843-5743): Children of Immortal Bliss, Mysticism in American Literature and Ramakrishna and Christ.

Foreign Distribution: Our titles are distributed exclusively by Gazelle Book Services to the UK, Europe, South Africa and Asia. Gazelle has partnered with Gardner Books for the UK and European market for distribution to booksellers as well as library suppliers and other retailers.

Submission Inquiries: We are not accepting submissions of manuscripts or book proposals at this time.

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