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Discover practical wisdom and spiritual nourishment to sustain you on your life’s journey and bring you nearer to the shores of SELF-discovery and SELF-realization. Our Publications and Words of Wisdom by teacher and mystic Paul Hourihan explore different aspects of spirituality based

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Spiritual Books for Self-Discovery and Self-Realization Our spiritual books by teacher and mystic Paul Hourihan explore different aspects of spirituality based on the Universal Truths of the world’s great mystical traditions. Dr. Paul Hourihan makes the

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About the Author, Paul Hourihan

Paul Hourihan, Author, Teacher and Mystic Paul Hourihan is an award-winning author of four books that have won the Best Spiritual Book Award from the Northern California Publishers and Authors Association. He was born, raised and

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What is Vedanta?

Vedanta, a philosophy and science of the spirit, is as profound and mysterious as India, the country of its origin. Its four yogas of devotion, service, meditation, and knowledge are found in Buddhism, Christianity,

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