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Vedantic Shores Press Publicaitons

Our Publications and Words of Wisdom by teacher and mystic Paul Hourihan explore different aspects of spirituality based on the Universal Truths of the world’s great mystical traditions.

The author, Dr. Hourihan, makes the elevating ideas of mysticism* more accessible by showing their practicality and relevance. These ideas are found in all the scriptures, especially Vedanta. One way he does this is through spiritual biographies that explore the mysticism in the lives of well-known figures such as: Ramakrishna and Christ; literary mystics such as Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, and William Blake,** and other potential mystics such as Ralph Waldo Emerson,** Thomas Merton and Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Children of Immortal Bliss is a clear introduction to Vedanta, which represents the ancient and eternal teachings of India. It is all inclusive and has within it all the essentials of mysticism. Although it focuses on the Advaita (impersonal, nondualistic) path to enlightenment, it also includes the dualistic or personal/devotional approach.

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* Mysticism refers to direct knowing or direct personal experience of a divine or transcendental reality, which is beyond the mind and the senses, and which has been attested to by individual mystics from all over the world throughout history.

** Future publications